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"Water is undeniably essential to our lives"

A trusted local partner consistently delivering innovative, fit-for-purpose utility solutions. "Water is undeniably essential to our lives". Which is why it’s critical that we create a sustainable future for it. At Southern Water Management, we approach every water and sewer billing service we undertake—whether at the local, regional, or national level—thoughtfully, and execute it with excellence. We partner with our clients to design fit-for-purpose solutions that address the owners, residents, and their communities’ unique needs.
We lead the industry with our holistic approach. One that balances technological innovation with environmental, regulatory, and economic needs. We deliver success proven, integrated design and engineering with every solution—conserving water where it’s needed, providing cost savings, and mitigating escalating rental incresase due to water wastes at the best value for our clients, ressidents, and their communities.
We provide services in:
⦁ Utility Auditing
⦁ Water Sub-metering
⦁ RF Meter Interrogation
⦁ Regulatory Compliance
⦁ AMR and AMI Techincal Services
⦁ Excelent, Knowledgable Customer Service ,
⦁ 100% Transparent Accounting, and Data Collection.

"We're here to answer your sub-metering questions"