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Thank you for joining Southern Water Management !

We wanted to reach out to you and let you know that your Southern Water Management web portal account for your home has been created. Once you log-in with your security code (on your bill), You will be sent an activation email to your individual user account.  Once your account is activated you will be able to access your personal portal and all of your sub-metering records.

"We're here to answer your sub-metering questions"

Dan Helton
Southern Water Management

Important: SOUTHERN WATER MANAGEMENT is not Affiliated in any way with

SOUTHERN WATER MANAGEMENT is not affiliated in any way with

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Estimating Water and Sewer Expenses:

Look closely at your future water and more specifically sewer expenses.

Most municipalities have been deficient in maintaing their utility infrastructure. The fiscal irresponsibilty requires...

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What are Water and Sewer Base Fees?

 What are the “Water and Sewer Base Fees” charged by your municipal utility?  

The “Base Fee” charges are a component in in the utility’s total revenue structure. Some municipal utilities charge...

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"Water is undeniably essential to our lives"

A trusted local partner consistently delivering innovative, fit-for-purpose utility solutions. "Water is undeniably essential to our lives". Which is why it’s critical that we create a sustainable...

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Southern Water Management, Inc. Provides assistance and compliance to LEED certification

Southern Water Management provides utility (water,gas,electric) sub-metering services to multi-tenant property owners (like MHPs, apartment communities, condos, office complexes, hospitals,...

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Water Bills Through The Roof !

RE: Water Bills through the roof !

Many municipal suppliers’ “postponing” needed upgrades in their water infrastructure often lead to large unplanned spikes in the cost of water/sewer...

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Money Down The Drain

   ST. PETERSBURG -- Dan Helton likes to tell a story that involves an
   apartment renter who would run her shower all...

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