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Water Bills Through The Roof !

RE: Water Bills through the roof !

Many municipal suppliers’ “postponing” needed upgrades in their water infrastructure often lead to large unplanned spikes in the cost of water/sewer service, that are passed on to the consumer. In addition, even if well thought out future planned rate hikes are in place, the escalations often include additional increases to offset future conservation. The water/sewer rate increases are needed to maintain net profits and are often set by the Municipal Bonds, used to finance the infrastructure.

Simply stated: As water/ sewer costs go up, People will use less, Therefor the supplier will have to charge more for the lower usage.

The best practice, sub-meter your multi-family, MHP, or condominium community: Pass through the water/sewer charges: Educate and keep your residents advised of the rates their municipality is charging; You as the owner/manger and your residents are both on the same side; You’re proactively trying to reduce the residents’ total rental expense.

We’re here to answer your water sub-metering questions.

Dan Helton
Southern Water Management